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HawkEye Elite® Alignment

70-second alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy makes the HawkEye Elite® the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market today.

For passenger vehicles

The worldwide standard in wheel alignment equipment

Capture alignment measurements in 70 seconds

WinAlign® software is unmatched in the industry

Built-in support for ADAS calibrations and OEM resets

Easy-clamping, no metal-to-metal contact QuickGrip® adaptors

Configurations built for any shop space

Fully Integrated Alignment rack integration streamlines processes

HunterNet® 2 connectivity to see and manage your performance


Fast setup time and results

Get alignment results in 70 seconds

Fastest procedure

Only with a HawkEye Elite® can you perform a 70 second alignment check

Minimal setup time

One trip around the vehicle means faster alignments

Immediate, accurate measurements

Easy-to-understand graphic representation of camber, toe and caster

70-second wheel alignment results

Four precision cameras provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy. Hunter’s QuickGrip® adaptors feature a light design and narrow profile, providing fast and efficient readings.

1 trip around the vehicle

0 console interaction

72 steps total

Easy to clamp

  • Spring-loaded arms grip the tire
  • Thumb switch secures the clamp
  • Off-center clamping has no effect on accuracy

No metal-to-metal contact

Lightweight & durable

Slim profile

Quick Change Arms

Off-center application


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