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Al-Zuhdi Co. is one of the company’s leading integrated repairing companies and conducts business in Palestine, Our success is driven by our employees and their commitments to get results the right way – by operating responsibility, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth in the field of repairing vehicles trading and industry.
Al-Zuhdi Co. was established in 1978 with a small asset, and it starts working in the fields of trading and industry. Obviously during these years it had a good experience, and it continue advancing until it become one of the leading companies in Palestine.
Our company is specialized repair cars and in all electrical and mechanical equipments needed for training colleges, polytechnic colleges and electrical and mechanical.
Global Scope
Al-Zuhdi Co. starts working in the fields of trading and industry. obviously during there years it had a good experience, and it continue advancing until it becomes one of the leading companies in Palestine.
Our Work
We recognize that the markets need all the repairing vehicles as we can develop besides our agencies, in every body and paint vehicles. That's why our target work daily to find and given high quality to our customers. Training courses and workshops are periodically organized to bolster an increasingly more upgraded distribution and after-sales service.
Over the last years, we have further developed our work, to cover all the needs of our customers, striving first to be a partner rather than a supplier. Nowadays we deal with a wide range of products in many fields, but our creativity and especially our after-sale service have remained our focus.
In Palestine for example we had supplied equipments to the following customers:
Ministry of local government. – Dura Municipality.

German Technical Cooperation.
Palestine Polytechnic University
MAJ College.
Hisham Al-Hijawi College of Technology.
Al-Leftawi GMC Co.
United Motor Trade Co. Ltd.
All cars agents.
After our hard work we became the distributor for many of foreign companies. Such as:
Car-O-Liner: is specialized for body and corrosion repairs
Lechler: is specialized for chemicals and painting vehicles.
Maha: for test line and lifting
Novareta: for Spray booths cars
Texa: for diagnostic and Air conditioning
Nedarman: for vacuum smoking cars
Opus: for test line and gas analyzer
SATA: for Spay guns
Starchem: for painting products
Revaglio: for garage equipment.
Most of other products we cover from the Israeli suppliers and agents (LABVOLT, LUCAS NÜLLE, MAHA, HUNTER, HAZET, WURTH....etc).
I hope that the above information is sufficient, and we are ready to provide you with any further details you need.

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